Attempting to photograph my African Cichlids in their aquarium habitat with 35mm film became extremely frustrating.  Wasting film with futile attempts discouraged my interest.  Then the digital camera came to my rescue.  The DSLR camera, micro lenses, and remote flashes helped perfect capturing the fish and eliminate the harsh reflective distractions.  Also with instant review for corrections that digital provides,, better results were quicker to accomplish.

While the latest equipment has made it much easier, photography achievement is still the creative result of  focus and lighting.  Proper exposure of  the subject will provide a pleasant image to the eye.  With that said, the artist is the person behind the lens finding the correct moment to press the shutter release and capture that special memory.  Sometimes, although rare, it happens the first time. But normally it takes numerous attempts of a particular moving subject to get that "money shot".

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my story


"...Joy to the to the fishes in the deep blue sea, joy to you and me"  THREE DOG NIGHT