"...Joy to the world...joy to the fishes in the deep blue sea, joy to you and me"  THREE DOG NIGHT

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Aquatic Photography became a niche for me.  Capturing my pets in their aquarium habitat with the lens, evolved into a special way to advance  my interest in the hobby.

Special "Conowingo Dam Eagles" page.

Capturing these feathery wonders is always a challenge for this amateur photographer. Especially birds in flight.

Planting a "Butterfly Garden" in my urban back yard allows close access to the beauty of  delicate colors to be captured by the lens.

I have been a AMATEUR PHOTOGRAPHER for more than a decade.  I love capturing living moments and freezing them in time to share with others...preserving a special memory. 




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Photographing birds has become my current number one interest.  Attempting to capture them in flight is where I spend most of my time in the hobby.

My photography interest grew when trying to overcome the difficulty of capturing my finny pets in their reflective environment.  So if you would ask me if I have a photography specialty, the  answer would be  aquatic photography.